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Website creation notes

1) Inserting Amazon astore within page.

Can either just link to astore where you are taken to your Amazon site astore or can actually put it within an iframe on website so you appear to stay on Cymaresonance until Amazon payment.

“Insert” - “Document frame” - Click “Active doc frame” and “transparent background” - drag frame on area below logo area.

“Insert” - “HTML fragment” - “insert in body” - drag fragment frame to match doc frame.

Account :

Google Analytics.

Shows real time or reports of website visits etc.


Website ID:


Set to pay to “” account.

Delivery charges

Paypal -account-seller preferences-set postage based on total price in bands.

Bing Search engine

To validate had to manually send file to root(public folder on Heart for

Discount.html page is Special Discount page only accessible from email link for customer entered info.