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The same internal electronics which made it such as success in its Cymatics form are maintained with additional  

program functions  and protocols as a bonus in the XXT-Pro Bioresonance model.

Simple intuitive controls make this instrument easy to use without the complicated gimmicks of its rivals.

Used as a lab instrument or taken portable, it keeps on going.

See below for downloadable program lists and user manual pdf.


30 Watt Bioresonance Output of 598 pre-programmed treatments and 99 User defined programs.

5 channel frequency selection on User progs. with 1 to 10,000 Hz frequency adjustment of each.

260mm wide ,100mm high (without legs extended) ,and 250mm deep.

Membrane switch front panel.

LCD display back light.

Handles for carrying and foldable feet for tilting on bench , case vents and micro fan for cooling.

Beeper for pushswitch presses.

Adjustable “Deviation” control for programmable frequency sweep across centre frequencies.

110/220 Volt operation (internal switch) , standard IEC Computer supply style socket for use in different countries.

Supplied with an Aluminium Flight case and an applicator of your choice.


All accessories  can be used with the Mk6

These include all the Vibrational Applicators, Laser unit, Chromatherapy units, Energiser, Aqua unit, Bio treatment. .

Order codes :      

CYM-MK603 (XXX-Pro Bioresonance  Mk6 instrument)(598 Programs)   

CYM-UP03 - Upgrade Programs from CYM-M601 to CYM-M603 (598)

CYM-UP04 - Upgrade front panel from CYM-M601 to CYM-M603 (Membrane switch + new PCB)

***Generous Trade-in discounts on old Cymatic Mk5, Mk6, Mk7 and Cyma1000.***

Click picture to download  Mk 6 treatment programs list and instrument user manual ( .pdf )

Mark 6 Instructions 280216-no prices--accessories.pdf

Mk6 XXX-Pro Cymatic Instrument

Mk6 XXX-Pro Cymatic instrument


Item : CYM-MK603